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Got pet health questions? Dog or cat have behavior problems? Stumped by your pet's health problems? Looking for answers to your guinea pig, rabbit, hamster or mouse care questions? You can ask a vet a question here.

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Dr Lilian is the online vet who is available to answer general pet health questions. Not sure how ask the vet works? Then check out the FAQs section or take a look at ask the vet sample question.

Seven Day Money Back Guarantee : If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with my response, I will return your money no questions asked. – Dr Lilian

Turnaround time is 24 hours or less for 99% of questions - unless there is a failure in the email system/web server which is outside of my control, I will answer all questions in this time frame.

*PLEASE NOTE: If your pet is seriously ill or has an immediate health concern, seek treatment from your local veterinarian IMMEDIATELY. This service is only for non-emergency pet health questions or issues.

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