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I am writing back again because we have been to several different vets and they all have a different opinion. I will tell you what has gone on since I wrote before.

First of all, just to recap, Our dog (1.5 yo female mini dachshund) went into heat on 9/21/03. On 10/2 through 10/5 she was mated with another mini-dachshund and they had several succesful ties.

Next, on 10/18 and 10/19 Maggie did not eat her Purina Dog Chow. We went on the 19th and bought some Pedigree Little Champions Morsels in Sauce. She ate all of it with no problems. We took her to the vet. on 10/20 who put her on Amoxicillin saying that if she was sick it would help her, and if she was not sick it would not hurt her if she was pregnant. On 10/21 she started eating her Dog Chow again. She then started vomiting on 10/22 through 10/24 she started vomiting after she ate. The vet said dogs do not get morning sickness and that I should stop her food and medication. I have read in several places online that said dogs can get morning sickness. After we stopped her food and medicine she was fine, but after we restarted her food like they said small very bland meals she vomited a few times but only in the morning and she was fine at night. We took her to a different vet on 10/27 who felt for puppies (I think she called it palpitating?) That vet said that she could feel a couple of suspicious spots on either side of her. She told me to start Maggie on Purina Puppy Chow just in case she was pregnant. My questions are:

Do dogs get morning sickness? and What does a suspicious spot mean? She is giving me a complimentarily examination on 11/3. If there were suspicious spots on 10/27, will they be definite spots on 11/3?

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