Dog bleeding from penis

My shepherd (6mo male German Shepherd dog) is spotting blood, small drops, here and there, from his penis. I have noticed this in the last day. When he shook this morning, I noticed a few drops. When, I came in from an errand, and he was a bit excited ( normal for him to release a few drops of urine at these times) I noticed a few drops of blood. I examined his penis, seems there are no cuts or contusions and when I put a tissue there, I came away with a little blood. My girlfriend complained of a few brown spots on the bed where he sleeps, so I assume this has been happening for a few days. Only today did I notice the spots, however, I was away for the weekend. This morning, aware there was something going on, I watched his urination, totally normal. No pain, grimacing or any kind of symptoms, his same normal wanting to mark every where he can. He eats a raw diets, raw chicken, chop meat, brown rice, apples, broccoli, ever day since he was 2 yrs. He takes very good vitamins daily, nu-pro. He is in excellent shape, get’s a fair amount of excercize, but, recently has not gone out as much as normal. Although he can go out and urinate quite often on his own ( can be let out ). His spirits are perfect, he runs and plays with no problem and interracts with myself and our cat normally, running, chasing, playing, reacting as normal. Is this common in Shepherds and is it a urinary infection ? Will it clear up on it’s own ? Is there something that I can give him to help him deal with it himself ? (non prescription)

It was at first alarming to me, however, I like to check things out before I run to the vet and submit him to medicines etc. He ate normally this afternoon and showed a great appetite, and drinks plenty of water. His snout seems normal, eyes, etc. and his temperature also seems normal. I hope I have given enough info, thanks for your help.

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